Golden Olive Oil

Golden Olive Oil contains 0,2 l of extra virgin olive oil of harmonised flavour and aroma, infused with 24-karat edible gold flakes. It has a delicately balanced taste of slight bitterness and a peppery finish with hints of almond, tomato and dried fruit.

The exquisite glass bottle is placed inside a luxuriously crafted black lacquered wooden box that is protected by a small lock and comes enrobed in a velvet pouch.

Golden Olive Oil is produced in a limited edition of 444 pieces. Upon purchase, the client receives an ownership card identifying the unique number assigned to each product.

This card entitles the owner to special privileges — the possibility of purchasing a refill bottle of Golden Olive Oil without the luxurious wooden casing, and a visit to the olive grove on the Island of Hvar.

All items used in assembling this product were handmade by a small number of Croatian craftsmen (some of whom continue to nurture their traditional family trades stretching back to 1861.) It takes more than 120 hours to assemble one finished product.

Once you taste the oil, and feel the sense of joy coming from its every drop, you will understand why we chose to make the Golden Olive Oil.

Its aromatic and golden properties are captivating — a true taste of luxury…