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About Us

About Us

Kreativni laboratorij Ltd. designs and manufactures unique and innovative products, that break new ground in the luxury gourmet scene.

Our creative and manufacturing vision is oriented towards nature and authentic Croatian resources. We exclusively collaborate with renowned artists and skilful craftsmen who nurture similar interests and a love for design. Unfortunately, the majority of these traditional crafts and workshops are bordering on extinction - therefore by including them in this process, we aim to entice these craftsmen to remain present on the market and hand down their passion and experience on to new generations. Together we work hand-in-hand, leveraging the latest technologies and innovative thinking to create products adding a layer of luxury to any culinary creation.

Day-to-day we strive to enhance and produce the highest quality products enrobed in a memorable hedonistic experience. We place great emphasis on global design trends and new achievements in gift culture, and enrich our experiences on a daily basis ensuring our final product is exactly as we envisioned it.

At Kreativni laboratorij, we express a passion for our country, heritage, tradition, our work and the people we work with. Simply put, we enjoy doing what we do…


Kreativni laboratorij d.o.o.
(Creative lab Ltd.)
Kneza Mislava 10
HR-10410 Velika Gorica

VAT ID: HR 7262 9986 058

Phone: + 385 91 50 48 099

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